Sunrise Rotary Oubound Exchange Students Say . . .

"I can't imagine anything being better than this. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I have a whole year left to look forward to."

 "I've met the other exchange students here, and we've grown a bond, a kind of fellowship unlike anything Ive ever had. We are all very different, and come from different countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia to be exact) but yet we're like family and friends at the same time."

"This trip has been so rewarding.  I cannot thank all of you enough for this opportunity!"

 "I've come to the realization, that ultimately, life is the same around the world. Maybe the food, people, country, language, etc are different. But all that stuff aside, when you look at just plain ol life itself, its not so different."

"Its a strange life, being an exchange student when you think about "what I'm here for". Unlike work or school where theres always a deadline, objective, or goal to keep in mind, I am here for the "experience". But what really is experience? What am I supposed to be experiencing? When you think about it, I am here simply to live, and find some way to get some kind of special "experiences" from life. Think about that, how bizzare. Having your goal be simply to "live" and get the most out of it. Its actually a lot of pressure, and pretty difficult to fufill."