Want to be a HOST FAMILY for an exchange student?
We encourage community members to consider hosting these outstanding young people. The Rotary Youth Exchange program provides a year-long exchange opportunity, and we seek to place the students with three different host families -- each family welcomes the student for around three months. While it might not be the same as visiting another country, the experience of hosting a student enriches the lives of the 'host-sister' and 'host-brother.' It isn't unusual to find that they seek a similar exchange opportunity as soon as they are eligible. Contact us today if you're interested in hosting a student!
The Rotary Clubs in Traverse City began their support of Rotary International's Youth Exchange Program by sponsoring inbound students in the mid 1990's. Here are some of the recent exchange students that spent their year in our city.




2022/23 Noé Anadon France
2022/23 Saki Tanaka Japan
2022/23 Olivia Denegri Argentina
2022/23 Ida Anker Denmark
2019/20 Paul Wirtz Germany
2019/20 Arthur Martins Ribeiro Brazil
2019/20 Ayl Carbon Philippines
2019/20 Anna Bottura Italy
2018/19 Valeria Cerron Franco Peru
2018/19 Daniela Echavarria Mexico
2018/19 Singto Budda Thailand
2018/19 Jules Poirette France
2017/18 Filip Apalovic Slovakia
2017/18 Carmen Gomez De La Varga Spain
2016/17 Joao Vitor Ameno Brazil
2016/2017 Lana Sirac Croatia
2015/2016 Eva Gutierrez Cruz Spain
2014/2015 Mati Gapinski Poland
2013/2014 Enrica Gullo Italy
2013/2014 Jae Hyuk South Korea
2012/2013 Constance Marquis France
2012/2013  Simon Neff Germany
2011/2012 Mayara Taglietta Brazil
2010/2011 Linea Schwartzbach Denmark
2009/2010 Darren (Po-Chen) WU Taiwan
2009 Diana Fernandez Columbia
2008/2009 Thiare Saa Chile
2007/2008 Matias Poyry Finland
2006/2007 Cassandra Sutter Switzerland
2006/2007 Federica Castelli Italy
2005/2006 Juan Becerril Mexico
2004/2005 Sylvia Galimberti Italy
2003/2004 Andrea Gasperi Brazil
2002/2003 Kathrin Hayner Germany