The 6290 Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Foundation Youth Exchange Outbound Travel Scholarship will provide financial assistance to qualified Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) candidates seeking financial assistance to support their year abroad. The Rotary Club of Traverse Bay Sunrise - Foundation has developed the program designed as a collaborative effort available to all clubs of District 6290.


RIYE Students must anticipate the average cost of a youth exchange year to be in excess of $6,000. Aside from the room and board procured and supported by the host clubs, only about $900 is provided by Rotary to each student. On average $2,700 of the up-front expense is for a required pre-purchased, open-ended round-trip airline ticket to their assigned country.

Without financial assistance, Clubs have had many student applicants otherwise highly qualified student applicants, unable to afford the RYE program, and end up either not applying or dropping out during the selection or preparation process.

In addition, many smaller District 6290 Clubs do not have RYE programs but would like to participate by developing a RYE program and then sponsoring a student abroad. The program will help smaller clubs encourage qualified applicants through their clubs. In this way the District will benefit by having more clubs participate in international youth exchange.

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Please contact Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club member, Lindsey Dickinson