Speaker Date Topic
Elijah Hansen Classification Talk & Club Assembly Aug 17, 2022
2022-2023 Goals, Committee Updates
Chad and Diana Volant Aug 24, 2022
The interelationship of excersize and mental health wellness.

The link between mental health and physical health is an ultimate connection. With Mindset being one of our three focuses here at StrengthRx, we have partnered with Mindful Performance Therapy (MPT) to ensure our clients have access to all the tools they need to be healthy, both body and mind. 

Paul Heroman Aug 31, 2022
District Governor Visit
Andy Smits Sep 07, 2022
City of Traverse City Drain Commisionar Initiatives
Beth Dole Sep 14, 2022
Torch Lake Conservation Center

Beth@ConserveTorch.org 231-633-1072

Torch Conservation Center is a non profit organization which operates the TRUE BLUE Gallery in Alden. Art sales help fund our education efforts to protect the lake; a unique approach. Where else can one find a display about septic systems in an art gallery? We draw our customers in with art and educate them about watershed friendly practices. Learn how TCC is on a mission to Teach, Connect and Conserve to protect Torch Lake.


Melzar Coulter Sep 21, 2022
MDOT 5 Year Parkway Expansion Plan
Karen Eckhardt Sep 28, 2022
Born to Read