2016/17 Outbound Arrives in Brazil for his Exchange Year

Traverse City area students actively participate in the Rotary International Youth Exchange program. Often they learn of the program through a school counselor, or through in-school visits by members of our three Traverse City Rotary clubs.

Students apply, are interviewed and selected to the program. This process launches an exciting series of activities including weekend retreats where they have a chance to meet with inbound students from throughout the District. Eventually they learn which country, Rotary Club and, eventually, host-family will be their home during the upcoming year.

Once they have been accepted into the program, students and their parents are encouraged to join us at our weekly programs. Once they have started their exchange, we receive e-mails updating us on their adventures. Upon their return, students are invited to deliver a presentation at the club where we can benefit from their experience.


Outbound Name


2019/20 Hannah Fairbank France
2019/20 Sydney Flaherty Italy
2019/20 Halie Kempf Germany
2019/20 Apen Moore Norway
2018/19 Amelia Burke Brazil
2018/19 Adrian Beyer Thailand
2017/18 Matt Failor France
2017/18 Daniel Murray India
2017/18 Lillian Mattern Italy
2016/17 Genna Gotts France
2016/17 Billy Kroes Finland
2016/17 Grace Hohman Slovak Republic
2016/17 Shane Videki Brazil
2016/17 Jonas Brons-Piche Indonesia
2015/16 Jake Muzljakovich Colombia
2015/16 Brandon Bugai Germany
2015/16 Zachary Watson Brazil
2015/16 Gio'annah Candela Brazil
2014/2015 Tristan Burke Peru
2014/2015 Abby Raetz Sweden
2014/2015 Molly Siler Ecuador
2013/2014 Lance Masserant Thailand
2013/2014 Madalyn Popp India
2013/2014 Noelle Sieloff Germany
2013/2014 Katie Stanton Turkey
2012/2013 Lucas Empson Brazil
2012/2013 Rory Feys Turkey
2012/2013 Stephanie Fiebing Thailand
2012/2013 Emily Joseph Turkey
2012/2013 Jason Kloosterman France
2012/2013 Claire Moen Italy
2011/2012 Brian Raetz Finland
2011/2012 Sam Yancho Finland
2010/2011 Garrett Sieloff Germany
2009/2010 Stephen Krygier Brazil
2009/2010 Ian Mielke Sweden
2009/2010 Grace Springsteen Finland
2008/2009 Ashley Hooper Faroe Islands
2008/2009 Blase Masserant Turkey
2008/2009 Meredith Schade Germany
2008/2009 Jacob Stremlow Germany
2007/2008 Natasha Ledezma Taiwan
2007/2008 Adele Wunsch Argentina