In 2002 the Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club began its active support of Rotary International's Youth Exchange Program by sponsoring an inbound student. In each of the following years we have hosted one or two students. We are part of a three-club collaborative Youth Exchange Committee that works together to host inbound students from around the world!




2017/18 Filip Apalovic Slovakia
2017/18 Carmen Gomez De La Varga Spain
2016/17 Joao Vitor Ameno Brazil
2016/2017 Lana Sirac Croatia
2015/2016 Eva Gutierrez Cruz Spain
2014/2015 Mati Gapinski Poland
2013/2014 Enrica Gullo Italy
2013/2014 Jae Hyuk South Korea
2012/2013 Constance Marquis France
2012/2013  Simon Neff Germany
2011/2012 Mayara Taglietta Brazil
2010/2011 Linea Schwartzbach Denmark
2009/2010 Darren (Po-Chen) WU Taiwan
2009 Diana Fernandez Columbia
2008/2009 Thiare Saa Chile
2007/2008 Matias Poyry Finland
2006/2007 Cassandra Sutter Switzerland
2006/2007 Federica Castelli Italy
2005/2006 Juan Becerril Mexico
2004/2005 Sylvia Galimberti Italy
2003/2004 Andrea Gasperi Brazil
2002/2003 Kathrin Hayner Germany