In 2007 Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club, in partnership with the Kampala East Rotary Club and Kampala South Rotary Club, announced the formation of a Rotary World Community Services Project to benefit the Bitone Center, in Kampala, Uganda.

The project headquarters are situated in the Lugoba village, Kawempe Division in Kampala district.  Due to the conflict in the north, the HIV/AIDS scourge and growing poverty, this district represents a community of great need.  Children remain especially affected, many who are orphaned, lack proper nourishment and lack the financial ability to attend school.

Since its founding in 2004, Bitone has restored and empowered the lives of 25 children whose backgrounds live a lot to be desired. Using a unique approach of Uganda traditional art, Bitone has not only succeeded in its rehabilitation programs but also its performances have thrilled audiences bringing numerous national and international honors and prestige that recognize our commitment for excellence to the rescue and empowering of Ugandan traumatized children. With the inspiration, dedication and the undoubted passion of its staff, Bitone Center has established itself as a family and a home for artistic expression.